Villa HippoCampo


At The Villa:  There is rooftop parking for up to four cars depending on their sizes.  There is also a garage for one medium sized car at the lower entry point.  And there is ample and free street parking all along both streets on the upper and lower level.  This is a quiet neighborhood with abundant parking.

Parking in NICE and Surroundings

In The Surrounding Small Towns: Most of the small towns on the Cote d’Azur have above ground inexpensive municipal parking. There is also street parking where a parking voucher is necessary and may be purchased from machines on each block.  You may generally pay with a debit or credit card. Often, in busy  shopping areas, there is free 30 minute parking but one must purchase an inexpensive cardboard clock (bought at any tobacco store) and place it on the front dashboard to indicate the time when you have initially parked.

Nice Underground Garages: There is ample parking in Nice, both on the streets as well as underground parking garages.  Street parking is often very difficult to find but garages almost always have space.  If there is a sign that says “COMPLET” at the entrance to the garage, there are no parking spaces available.  Parking underground can be challenging, depending on the size of your car (and your parking skills!) The access from floor to floor is generally very narrow and the parking spaces themselves are miniscule, often requiring your passengers to exit before you park. Most drivers back into spaces to ensure that they can get out when they return to their car!

Shopping Along Avenue Monte Carlo