Villa HippoCampo



Good news!  You are staying in one of the most iconic villages along the coast of the French Riviera. You need only exit the villa property at its southernmost gate and walk down the pedestrian stairs to discover the coastal village of Villefranche-sur-Mer with its clay rooftops, colorful row houses, and white sandy beaches.  Besides just enjoying a walk through the village, if you get a chance, don’t miss a short stroll on Rue Obscure, a hidden medieval street which dates from the 13th Century. Stop in at Chapelle St. Pierre where Jean Cocteau spent a few years living there, painting its interior. His original paintings still remain.  The large unmissable fortress called the “Citadelle” is a great place to explore and it usually features art, history or political exhibits which change regularly. 

An often-overlooked section of Villefranche is the working harbor called the Port of Sante on the western side of the Citadelle where most fisherman and local boaters and kayakers enter the water, far from the tourists and expensive restaurants.  Stop for a fresh seafood lunch and then follow the waterfront road west towards Nice to the end of the town where a seaside trail runs from Villefranche to Nice and offers stunning views and wave symphonies along the coast. The walk will take about 1 hour to arrive near the Port of Nice. You can walk back on the main coastal sidewalk or take the bus back.