Villa HippoCampo

Architecture and Style

Villa Hippocampo was thoughtfully designed by a renowned local architect, with luxury and function in mind throughout every inch. The villa embraces the International Style of modernist architecture’s innovation and forms and the movement’s idea that form should follow function. Villa Hippocampo’s clean lines and geometric architecture play to the beautiful mountainous surroundings and view of the Mediterranean in a delightful juxtaposition reminiscent of many Modernist icons.

Floor-to-ceiling windows in each room give uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean, which fills with luxury yachts each night as the passengers come to shore to experience the extravagance and privacy Villefranche-sur-Mer is known for. Each bedroom also opens onto a balcony to enjoy the incredible view or the fresh ocean air. The bedrooms also have spacious closets and ample room to pamper yourself with integrated vanities.

The villa’s open-air style washrooms offer a unique luxury experience. Rainfall showers open into the private bedrooms, allowing for privacy while enjoying the view in an exceptionally indulgent experience. 

As anyone with an interest in the culinary arts knows, the best, most luxurious kitchens are the ones that are efficient and practical. Villa Hippocampo brings the gourmand’s dreams into reality, as the kitchen is equipped with high-end appliances that have been thoughtfully integrated into the sleek and modern design. The kitchen features a large peninsula, a perfect serving area for hosting family and friends, chatting with the cook, or enjoying a quick snack at the counter. The kitchen then opens to the spacious living and dining rooms, letting conversation and light flow freely.

Villa Hippocampo has thoughtfully brought luxury into every aspect of the home. With high-end furniture, décor, and linens, Villa Hippocampo enwraps guests in a uniquely indulgent comfort. The art featured throughout the villa is sourced from local artists, tying the region into the home and celebrating the area’s creative heritage.

Keeping with the Modernist influence, the villa’s polished concrete floors and white-washed walls give a contemporary yet understated air of practical luxury. The clean geometric lines are met with organic forms, creating a peaceful atmosphere with perfect visual interest. Reflecting the architecture’s playful minimalism, the classic and contemporary furniture meets with the villa’s lively collection of art and décor. Villa Hippocampo’s colorful touches bring a sense of vivacity that many other modernist homes overlook to create a unique environment.

The entertainment room is another noteworthy unique feature of Villa Hippocampo. While the room is spacious and beautifully designed, the highlight is the large window which looks directly into the villa’s infinity pool. A cozy, cushioned nook next to the window creates the perfect spot to curl up with a truly one-of-a-kind view while using the entertainment center or library.

Villa Hippocampo brings the minimalism of Modernist architecture into its best and most contemporary form, where clean, elegant, and functional meets lively and playful, creating a truly unique gem in Villefranche-Sur-Mer.