Villa HippoCampo


Villa Hippocampo FAQs

No. We love pets but the villa is not suitable for them.  There are no obvious “pet relief” areas on any of the villa levels or on the street in the neighborhood. Additionally, several of our regular guests are allergic to pets.

Yes, the villa will be cleaned twice weekly. Additional housekeeping is available at an additional charge.

The villa manager will always be available to answer questions, to address any issues and of course for emergencies. You will have his number and he is very responsive.

Yes, the pantry is well stocked with paper products such as paper towels, tissues, and toilet tissue. Cleaning products and detergent for washing clothes is also provided.

There are two rooftop spaces at the entry gate level. There is also an enclosed garage space for a small to medium sized car and plenty of free on street parking for extra cars and guests.

The villa manager can be very helpful in helping you to find needed medical services.  The healthcare system in Nice is quite advanced (the main hospital in Nice is where Angela Jolie chose to deliver her twins). We highly recommend medical insurance in case of an emergency but the cost of doctor’s visits is quite inexpensive compared to the US. There is also a list of emergency numbers prominently displayed in the kitchen and in the master bedroom.

Without traffic, it usually takes about 25 minutes.  With traffic, it can take as long as 45 minutes during rush hour in non- summer months.

There is great public transportation in Nice and near the villa. However, the last few minutes on foot include a set of stairs which would pose a huge challenge for those carrying luggage. If you have not rented a car, we suggest using a taxi or UBER (which is very dependable and economical in Nice.)

There are several large well-stocked supermarket chains within ten minutes of the villa.  We like to get the basics (and wine) from these stores and shop for produce, baked goods, meat and fish from small local stores and markets which have the freshest and highest quality goods one can find—just about anywhere on the planet!  There is a list of these stores at the villa.

It is about 45 minutes to the Italian border, just 15 minutes further than Monaco.  Although there is a checkpoint and you should carry your passport “just in case”,  cars are rarely stopped and you would barely notice that it is an international border.  If you don’t want to drive, the train takes you to the seaside town of Ventimiglia in about 30 minutes and dozens of other towns beyond on the Italian Riviera.  Most train stations are a very short walk from the center of the Italian Coastal towns.

If you are looking for privacy (pool, garden, dining, living space), tranquility, customized service, better nightly rates per person, extraordinary views, and a one of a kind experience, you can find that only in a private villa rental on the Cote d’Azur.

Due to having four stories, the villa is not “accessible” and would not be a good fit to anyone where stairs present a challenge. 

The villa rates include cleaning twice weekly. Additional cleaning, including daily service, can be arranged at an additional charge.

There is a personal concierge and villa manager who was formerly the Concierge at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco. He can make reservations, procure tickets, arrange for personal chef service, yoga lessons, private massage, transportation and most other requests you may have while staying at the villa.  The concierge does not charge for his services, only the services he procures for you (which are charged at cost.)  However, a generous gratuity is always appreciated for a job well done!

The Village of Villefranche, its restaurants, shops and the beaches are easily accessible on foot. There is also a bus stop a five minute walk away and the train station about 12 minutes’ walk from the villa.  Buses and trains are a very convenient, economical and efficient way to travel.  However, there are so many beautiful villages, especially away from the coast, that are worth visiting that renting a car for at least part of your stay is highly recommended. 

The streets and highways are generally in great condition, but the lanes are narrow on the highways and roads leading into villages can be quite narrow for two cars.  There are lots of turns and French drivers are known to drive fast and not always in their lane! With a little bit of caution, experience and patience, driving should not present much of a challenge.  However, parking may!  The spaces in underground parking garages are notoriously small and require a bit of courage and dexterity to master.  Renting a smaller car will pay you endless dividends!

You can always find someone who understands English, especially in the more popular villages.  But once you leave the main villages, shopkeepers and restaurant owners may have a limited vocabulary.  It is rare, however, where you would have a problem due to not being able to speak French.