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Citadelle in Villefranche is a historic site and at the same time, it serves as a cultural center for many art events and displays. From flower shows to motor exhibitions, you name it and there’s always something happening at the Citadelle. It has however for months now been hosting a special exhibition about Brigitte Bardot, a legendary French actor! 

The tribute by Leonard De Raemy through photographs to this lady of elegance is an immersion into the life of someone who could conquer the world. She remains beautiful, talented, and charming in all photographs making her journey from a young girl to a symbol of refinement. Bardot’s authenticity is one of the most striking to people. Even though she was a global star, Bardot always stayed true to who she was and did not yield to the expectations of others. This dedication to her own principles and truths is evident in De Raemy’s pictures which catch Bardot as someone who can be hurt by emotions easily but remains tough. Appearance is often everything regardless of the generation, Bardot’s refusal to compromise herself serves as a timely reminder of the power that comes with being real.

When you walk through the corridors of the exhibition, your attention will definitely be caught by what goes on in Bardot’s world. The photos depict private moments, frank expressions, and backstage situations documenting her life both on set and behind the scenes. This is an extremely rare opportunity to see beyond the fame and understand some complexities or contradictions that made this woman such a great choice for French people.

There is a range of portraits taken during the making of Bardot’s most famous movies. Ranging from “And God Created Woman” to “Contempt,” all image carries different sides of Bardot’s talent and charm. It is a journey through movie highlights, representing her importance in French cinematography. However, it is also an honor to the 20th-century woman who went against set norms, challenged them, and redefined femininity for all times. Bardot’s enduring fame lies not only in her work but also in her animal rights activism and passion for the environment.

As we exit the show, we cannot help but get inspired by Bardot’s bravery and unshakeable belief system. She may seem like an old figure today but every single picture frame attests to her everlasting spirit reminding us about being real and true to ourselves. The Citadelle may house many exhibitions; nevertheless, this information has something special about it – a tribute to a legend, celebrating such a well-lived life.

Citadelle is only a short distance from Villefranche-sur-Mer, thus making it very convenient for visitors who may be staying in the region. The exhibition is open to the public from March 9 to May 26, 2024. Celebrate an icon of French film and explore one of the most fascinating actresses ever lived on earth.

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<span style="font-size: 16px !important" >Written by</span><br>C. Sage Givens

Written by
C. Sage Givens

C. Sage Givens is a seasoned traveler who has made the Cote d'Azur her second home. With a deep affection for French culture, cuisine, and the breathtaking beauty of the sea and limestone cliffs that grace Villefranche-sur-Mer, her true passion lies in sharing her love for Villa Hippocampo. This exquisite haven offers a level of tranquility she believes is unmatched anywhere else in the world.